Kind words

"We worked with Mardi to redo the landscape in our backyard terrace. This is an area we see through the windows of  our den and kitchen and where we spend lots of time in warmer weather. It is now a beautiful space year round! Mardi's crew was delightful to work with and did such a professional job. In fact, we are working with Mardi and her crew to redo some front yard landscaping this spring!"


Susan Van Tassel

Asheville, NC

"Mardi Letson once told me that she would rather be in a garden than anywhere else in the world. Mardi does not install a garden; she crafts one.  Her work, inspired by her deep respect and appreciation of the natural world, is artistry and her gardens evoke inspiration in those of us that know and enjoy them.  Mardi Letson is as enjoyable to work with as the gardens she creates. I prefer being in one of her gardens to anywhere else."


Judith Whelchel

Asheville, NC

"Mardi brings inspiration, experience and practicality to garden design. She designed a flower garden for us seven years ago, and we enjoy it to this day. It is easy to maintain and brings us joy from the first of spring until the end of summer. Both resourceful and realistic, Mardi is a joy to work with. I’m not a gardener by nature, but you would never know it if you walked by my front yard. We get compliments on a daily basis. "


Beth Newman

Asheville, NC

"We knew we could have something very special in our terraced garden and thanks to Mardi we now have the garden we dreamed about.  Mardi took my vision of a fairy garden and truly made it magical. Today we have a garden that is beautiful in every season-even the dead of winter.   Visually the old garden was boring because everything was the same height.   Now we have wonderful visual interest because of the varying heights of small trees, lovely medium sized shrubs, annuals and perennials  and even ground hugging mosses.  


Mardi paid attention to every detail from creating views from our windows to creating a book of all the plants.  Perhaps my favorite aspect of the the garden are the unique specimens that now thrive in our garden.  We have a garden that is special to us; that reflects us and is filled with plants we love.  Even at night the garden is gorgeous with beautiful lighting that lines the walk and highlights the trees.  Mardi supervised each one of these installations which made it so simple for us as homeowners.  We cannot recommend Mardi highly enough."

Sydney and Mike Green

Fairview, NC

"Thanks oh so much for making my life fabulous every day by providing me with the world's loveliest containers. "

Laura Dover

Asheville, NC