Kind Words & Testimonials

  • “We love the design, variety of plants, and that many of the plants in the old landscape were incorporated into the new one. We love working with Mardi!

    Susan Van Tassel

  • "Mardi Letson once told me that she would rather be in a garden than anywhere else in the world. Mardi does not install a garden; she crafts one. Her work, inspired by her deep respect and appreciation of the natural world, is artistry and her gardens evoke inspiration in those of us that know and enjoy them.  Mardi Letson is as enjoyable to work with as the gardens she creates. I prefer being in one of her gardens to anywhere else."

    Judith Whelchel

  • "Mardi brings inspiration, experience and practicality to garden design. She designed a flower garden for us seven years ago, and we enjoy it to this day. It is easy to maintain and brings us joy from the first of spring until the end of summer. Both resourceful and realistic, Mardi is a joy to work with. I’m not a gardener by nature, but you would never know it if you walked by my front yard. We get compliments on a daily basis. "

    Beth Newman

  • “Mardi is one of a kind. She listens, engages, and is a pleasure to work with.  She came up with a design that is so lovely and adds so much charm and value to our home. She has an artist’s eye!  I am so pleased with the flagstone walk and the reorienting of the front porch, as well as the layout of the plants.”

    Beth Chestnut

  • “Mardi and her subcontractors transformed our front yard! Mardi ensured that everything she had designed in the master plan was just what took place. Her attention to detail and involvement in the process is simply amazing. We could not be happier with the end result.”

    Stephanie Jones

  • "Thanks oh so much for making my life fabulous every day by providing me with the world's loveliest containers. "

    Laura Dover

  • “Working with Mardi is a delight! She listens well and designs with the eye of an artist. Her design brings us joy every day!”

    Anne Bleynat

  • “Mardi took a disorganized yard that blocked a quaint old stone house and turned it into a beautiful garden. I loved that Mardi was on site every day of the installation and tweaked her design to make it fit the property. She has an eye for how to make a garden flow.”

    Jan Maloney

  • “Mardi and her crew not only promise but they deliver. Our gardens, especially the fairy garden, are the envy of the neighborhood.  But most importantly, our grandchildren are delighted – the garden is always a highlight of their trip!”

    Sydney Green

  • “Our gorgeous planters have made such a splash! Everyone loves them, and they certainly turn heads to our business!”

    Angie Cullen at Nest Realty

  • “Mardi transformed my yard from ordinary into a magical wonderland.  Mardi worked closely with me to develop my vision of a lush Asian garden, complete with a wide variety of plantings and various Asian statures. It is a quiet sanctuary.”

    Beth Johnson

  • “I would recommend Mardi to anyone who asks. Her knowledge and attention to detail is outstanding.”

    Paul and Chris Dismukes


Mardi Letson

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