Maintaining your meticulously selected trees, shrubs and flowers year-round can be a daunting project. Gardens by Mardi can take those burdens away and manage all aspects of your garden and landscaping needs.

Working together with the client, we create a year-round maintenance schedule in January that reflects our suggestions for your property’s optimal development as well as your preferences. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced gardeners will manage the development of your garden by following a detailed work list, which is tailored to your property and organized by month.

Committing to a scheduled professional maintenance program means peace of mind that things are being taken care of and assurance that your garden will develop as intended over time. By being in your garden regularly, we know the little details about your property, and we will take advantage of every visit to carefully evaluate your property and bring to your attention any potential issues. This proactive approach to plant health allows us to catch issues before they escalate.