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Whether you are looking for inspiration and advice, a revamp of your existing garden, or a total transformation of your outdoor living area, Mardi helps make your garden dreams a reality, from conception to completion.


Design Development

The best outdoor spaces reflect thoughtful planning, and are the result of a joyful, collaborative effort between the homeowner and the garden designer.


Mardi designs exceptional gardens for clients in Asheville, North Carolina. When designing a garden, Mardi takes her cues not only from the client but from the site, the architecture of the home, and the view beyond the property boundaries. The results are a unified and intentional garden that is beautiful and enduring.

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Let’s turn those plans and dreams into a reality! Mardi will follow every aspect of your garden installation with the utmost care and attention to detail, from the delivery of materials to the final placement of plants. Mardi has knowledge of garden-related products and services, and experience with some of the best local contractors and artisans in the Asheville area. She'll find just the right installation fit for your garden needs.


Art in the Garden

Art is the jewelry of the garden. And there is an art to finding the perfect piece and the right placement. Whether it’s a custom, hand-crafted iron hand railing, a school crest in a terrace, a sculpture from a local artist or gallery, or a hand-etched house number in the front walk, Mardi can help.


Mardi will work with you to find the perfect pot for your location, style, and budget as part of your master design plan. She will select and procure the most unique, high quality, and gorgeous containers, and source the healthiest and most beautiful plant material. After the initial installation, Mardi provides care instructions so that you can keep them looking beautiful all year.



Mardi gives inspired talks on garden design, art in the garden, planting, and problem solving, leaving people excited about their landscape. She will happily customize her talk to your needs and the needs of your group or organization.

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