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Gardens by Mardi - Installation


The successful installation of a garden is the result of a well-orchestrated process. 

After the master planning process is complete, we work with clients to implement the design.  We will help select an appropriate contractor(s), review estimates, and secure a place for the project in the selected contractor’s schedule. 

During the installation process, we help translate the designed garden into reality by visiting the site daily during implementation, to ensure the garden installation follows the intent of the design.  We finalize plant placement and hardscaping elements and look for ways to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities for adjustments and details as the garden takes shape.  Because we have developed the design vision and understand the construction process, we help minimize the possibility of mistakes and miscommunication which helps keep the project on budget and reduces construction time. Our goal is for clients to get the best value for their investment and that the result reflects what is most important to them. 

Once the garden installation is complete, we connect clients to a recommended gardening company to help keep the garden looking beautiful all year. To help care for the garden, we provide a personalized garden book, complete with a plant list, images, descriptions, and garden maintenance suggestions.

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"Mardi is very talented across the board, but I feel like her design acumen really shines when confronted with small spaces. She is great at understanding goals and realizing them, creating outdoor ‘rooms’ or destinations that encourage people to be outside and enjoy their landscape."

M.A.  / Asheville, NC

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