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The Language of Flowers For Mother's Day

Showing affection with flowers has a long history, becoming popular in western society during the Victorian era when subtle messages could be conveyed with specific blooms. Sometimes used to communicate when certain social topics were strictly off limits), books and dictionaries began cataloguing the secret meanings of flowers, marking the beginning of floriography, or the language of flowers.

Less hindered by rules of conversation these days, flowers remain a steadfast way to communicate. Some well-known floral symbols include red roses for romance, dianthus for admiration, sunflowers for joy, lilies for peace. Whatever the circumstance, gifting flowers is a sure way to say you care.

Flowers are popular gifts on Mother's Day as a way to express love, share the beauty of the season, and celebrate an end to the threat of frost.

In many hardiness zones, Mother's Day often marks the beginning of the planting season. Gifting mom a bouquet can be accompanied by or replaced by giving the gift of plants such as hanging baskets, showstoppers for planters, or bedding flowers as a way to extend the gift of enjoyment.

Visiting small, boutique garden shops is a great way to find unique cultivars and garden-inspired gifts. Here in Asheville, Thyme In The Garden, Reems Creek Nursery, BB Barns and Rose's Garden Shop offer an assortment of seasonally appropriate plant options and specialty items like heirloom seeds and handmade birdbaths, perfect for gifting.

A clutch of blooms cut from your own garden may speak the strongest language on Mother's Day, or perhaps a garden picnic adorned with vases of fresh garden flowers. These thoughtful selections give mom a peek into what's happening in your own garden and ultimately, allow you to share part of yourself with her, which is above all, what mother's relish most.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother, Sandy Dover and my mother-in-law Barbara Morgan! You are precious to me.

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