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About My Home!

When I saw the “for sale” sign in front of my current home in 1999, we were not looking to move. But the nearly blank canvas and double lot was too much to pass up. Our home is tucked away on a quiet side street in North Asheville, and we have been slowly developing the gardens over the last 19 years.

The gentle slope of the land, the busy street, and proximity of neighbors presented opportunities to experiment with plant materials, stonework, and terracing. Creating the garden has provided hands on experience, inspiration, and failures, all of which have impacted my work as a garden designer.

When renovating the house, we envisioned an indoor living space that opened into the landscape. The addition of a screened front porch improved access to a private garden, enlarged windows framed exterior views, a side porch was enclosed, and a patio terrace was created to look over the back garden.

As my children grew, the space has changed to accommodate their ages and personalities. The tree house built for them was lowered to create a summerhouse now enjoyed by all. After many years of fostering a declining southern magnolia that held the children’s swing, it was removed and replaced with a vibrant annual and perennial walk.

Local artisans and materials have been used to transform the once blank yard into a lush garden with meandering stone paths, a series of garden rooms, containers, and many seating areas. The majority of the perimeter has been screened to provide a sense of privacy and enclosure.

The view changes throughout the seasons, but I get great joy in ensuring that there is something beautiful in every corner of the garden, no matter the time of year.

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