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Tips for Winter Arrangements

When I design a garden, my goal is to realize as much beauty in the landscape as possible. One way I do this is by planting gardens that are beautiful all year, even in the gray of winter. If you think the warm growing season is the only time to enjoy beauty from the garden, let me tell you how to take year-round advantage of your landscape!

Carefully chosen evergreens, deciduous plants, grasses, groundcovers, and winter flowering perennials will provide not only structure to the garden in the cold season, but also opportunities to bring the winter garden inside.

What to collect: Greenery, seed-heads, winter blooms, pinecones, twigs, berries, and spent bird nests provide materials for the inside of your home during the cold months.

Where to use your winter cuttings:  I create arrangements for my mantel, dining table, powder room sink, garden gate, windowsill, and front door - simple and elegant ways to adorn a home!

What to plant to provide interest through the season: Hellebores, witchazels, pitcher plants, cedars, cypress, hollies, red/yellow/salmon twig dogwoods, orange and red winterberries, Harry Lauder's walking stick, curly willow, spruces, sweetbox, junipers, and anise.

Winter arrangements are lovely for sharing: Are you looking for a beautiful (and very locally sourced!) gift? Look no further than your own property. The sight and scent of a seasonal arrangement from your garden will remind the recipient of you each time they come home to it. What a delightful Valentine's Day offering to friends or neighbors!

What a joy it is to envision beautiful outdoor spaces for my clients! Can I help you create a garden with four seasons of interest?

Click here to see how we are using these principles in our projects.

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