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Art in the Garden

A layer of personality and Delight

Last week I had the privilege to work along side Patrick Dougherty and handful of volunteers, as we began to create a sculpture of willow twigs outside the Western North Carolina Sculpture Center in nearby Lenoir, NC. (Learn about Patrick's work at

A beautiful afternoon amidst art lovers and the sculptures installed at WNCSC reminded me of why I love art outside, in nature, and in gardens.

Art in the garden elevates the experience by inviting contemplation, inserting an element of surprise or whimsy, revealing the personalities of the homeowners, or providing a focal point to lead the eye through the garden.

Art brings magic to the garden, making it one of a kind.

Sculptures made from ingigenous stone will link to the landscape beyond. The above stone piece marks the interment of a couple in Mount Auburn Cemetery outside of Boston. The figurative sculpture below by Carl Peverall is the focal point at the end of a view.

Beautiful sculpture can also be functional.

This handrailing was custom made by Brasstown metal artist Lynda Metcalfe and installed in an Asheville garden. The acorns and oak leaves have significance to this delightful homeowner, as she is putting down new roots here in Asheville.

Artist and stone mason Marc Archambault fashioned the Asheville School crest into the paving as we renovated the Bement Garden there. Students, staff, and alumni will walk over this piece of art for decades to come.

This small metal piece by Michael Enn Sirvet provided a surprise in the grass for visitors on a recent garden tour at my home.

Art starts a conversation.

What will your piece say?

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