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Creating Gardens that Withstand the Test of Time

I was recently working with a local artisan designing a wrought iron gate for one of our installations and found myself reflecting on what makes a garden timeless.

So, how DO we make gardens that remain

beautiful, peaceful, and connected to nature as time goes by?

Marc Archambault of Hammerhead Stoneworks)
Hand Etched Marc Archambault of Hammerhead Stoneworks

Classic hardscaping: Chose durable materials and solid construction. Brick, stone, and metal are choices that provide a timeless foundation.

Balanced design: A balanced and proportioned layout creates a sense of order that is harmonious and naturally appealing.

Take cues from your home’s architecture and the surrounding landscape: Your garden should visually connect to your house and fit within the broader landscape. Creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors is always in style.

Use evergreen shrubs and trees to create a solid framework in the garden: These provide structure in the garden, year-round interest, and privacy.

Matt Jones Pottery at the end of a Flagstone Path in a West Asheville project
Matt Jones Pottery at the end of a Flagstone Path in a West Asheville project

Consider sight lines and incorporate focal points: Guide attention to key elements like a sculpture, water feature or a specimen tree.

Detail from railing at Chanticleer in PA
Detail from railing at Chanticleer in PA

Details Matter: Put your stamp on the garden. Consider incorporating sentimental or antique items, decorative containers, local art, custom architectural details or accents.

Here is the best part! A thoughtfully planned garden isn’t just beautiful; it is also easier to maintain. That means fewer overgrown, weedy areas that can overwhelming to manage. There you have it! A timeless garden isn’t just a pretty sight; it is a lasting investment in beauty, tranquility, and a connection to nature.

Click here to see how we are using these principles in our projects.

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