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Illuminating the Garden

I am always thinking of ways to expand enjoyment of a garden. . .

Intimately lit spaces and gentle pathway lighting invite us to savor the outdoors longer: a garden stroll at dusk, a meal on the terrace, or a view of the glowing landscape from indoors.

*Amelia Fletcher Photography

With a little creativity, simple daytime garden features can be transformed. A birdhouse can glow. A statue is featured. A prized specimen tree highlighted.

*Amelia Fletcher Photography

Some clients ask about the efficiency of lighting the evening landscape? Modern LED bulbs create a warm, isolated glow, while using minimal electricity which makes the decision to use lighting in the garden not only beautiful but also green.

LED string lighting casts a romantic glow on this outdoor sitting room

You will now find custom garden lighting installation added to my list of in-house services. Illumination is yet another option for creating an outdoor space you will fall in love with, year-round, day and night.

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